Elements Management Group is a Saigon-based luxury hospitality and entertainment firm. Launched in 2017, our sole aim is to redefine and set the benchmark for hospitality in Vietnam by creating the most unique and memorable experience for each of our guests.

EMG believes there are 5 essential elements in Hospitality that create a unique harmony and are the root of our Philosophy: The Essence Of Hospitality.

Fire represents Cuisine,

Water represents Mixology,

Air represents Entertainment,

Earth represents Aesthetics,

The soul represents Hosting.

EMG also offers a range of consulting and management services from restaurant, bar, nightclub management, to operational auditing and venue design.

Welcome to the Essence of Hospitality.

Mr. Trinh Lai

“It is not easy to create new concepts, but retaining guests once they have become accustomed is even harder. Services have been our differentiation to entice guests over the past decade.”

Fabio Fasolo
F&B Director

Having a passion for food and beverage , Fabio has spent over a decade to explore and get the important hospitality experiences in the three continents of Europe, America and especially in Asia. 

In America, Fabio became a certified Trainer for Disney Company adding an additional Master Course in Food & Beverage Management and Coach & Leadership gained in Italy.

His passion for different cultures and food brought him to Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan as an Assistant Manager, General Manager, Restaurant Manager and Director of Operations. In 2016, he received an award from LinkedIn as one of the most influential profile for the “lifestyle industry ”. Move back in Europe in 2018 as General Manager of Ramses in Madrid, Spain. However, the Asian continent left him a big impact and now is back to share with passion for hospitality with EMG Group joining as Director of Food and Beverage.

Freeze NG
Executive Chef

He comfortably walk the line between traditionalism and modernity, holding onto the authenticity and beauty of Hong Kong’s original dim sum houses, while introducing a fresh modern take on family-style dining.

Mr. Freeze NG is a very known and acknowledged chef. He has been a part of the winning team of "Malaysian Tourism Gold Award" for "The Best Hotel in Malaysia & The Best Chinese Cuisine“, leading Kong’s cuisine, with a team of only 7 people and over 30 years experience.

Vinh Nguyen
Head Chef

Chef Vinh Nguyen's worked at Zuma Restaurant and Lounge in Dubai and has helped them reach the "Worlds Best 100 Restaurants" by San Pellegrino.

At Play Restaurant and Lounge, his team received "Best Newcomer Restaurant 2016", "Restaurant of the Year 2017" as well as "Best Pan Asian Restaurant" by Timeout Dubai Magazine.

Hideyuki Saito
Corp Beverage Director

“Clean and Balanced” is the key value of Saito putting on his drinks. His journey started in Tokyo, then in London where he discovered the dynamic creation from molecular techniques to unique concept drinks and all around the world . He managed beverage program of multiple venues like Soho House Group and Purl London, W Hotel, Vogue Lounge and Angel’s Share in New York. 

Awarded as world Top 8 in Bacardi Legacy Global Cocktail Competition, now, Saito chooses Vietnam to become his next destination and collaborates with EMG to develop the coolest beverage.


Let Expert Planners Assist You
Looking for an event planning assistant? Call and let us help you design, plan and manage the most exceptional events that perfectly reflect the brand of each client or personality of each guest.

Social events
Birthday Parties Wine dinner events Graduation Parties Baby Showers VIP Events

Wedding Proposals Engagement Parties Bachelorette Parties Weddings Anniversaries

corporate events
Product launches Fashion Shows Corporate Parties Board Meetings Conferences


EMG offers Consulting Services for any business in the Hospitality Industry

The perfect guest experience is something every business in this industry aims to achieve.

Our expert staff drawn from all corners of the world have extensive experience in consulting and management services that range from restaurant and bar operations, nightclub management, to operational auditing, venue assessment and design.

We offer our complete hospitality consulting solutions tailored to each specific need, across a wide range of hospitality sectors, including:

  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Nightclubs
  • Hotel, Resorts & Spas
  • Yacht, Cruise Lines and more

We look forward to helping your company offer an unmatched level of customer service and satisfaction, along with cultivating the desire for continuous improvement.

To learn more about what we can do for you, contact our EMG team for an appointment.


Job Opportunities
Vacancies currently available at Elements Management Group:


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